What could be happening...?


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What does Robi have to say about this? I’m thinking maybe he got pushed to the side after a late night of Cham shopping? Lol can’t wait to see!
He had his say, he could if used the left half more often and then I would have kept it as 1 big enclosure.

Once my shed is completed I will see ifnI can make a freerange along the ceiling in there.


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Feeders can be send trough mail but I have a reptile store near me so I usually buy feeders there. I breed dubia and deathhead roaches myself.

For reptiles I just drive to breeders, the Netherlands is small so most are in driving distance, otherwise wait for expo.
Deathhead roaches?


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Meet Robi's new neighbour Jemen, the Veiled chameleon!
Managed to adopt him from a lady that wanted to try to raise a clutch once and sold em for a price I couldn't resist.

Jemen is 10weeks old and was the biggest cham left of the clutch.
After comming home I've put him in his cage, he took a short look out of his window and went on eating baby dubia straight away.

I didn't get to see the father as he was in a different home, but looking around in the enclosure and talking to the lady there were no red flags that should stop me from purchasing this awesome little creature

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Whoa! Congratulations Remko,
Jemen the Yemen looks wonderful, wishing many happy years with him. He sure is a lucky little fellow.
An exciting day.
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