What’s taking so long?


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So it’s been about 5ish months since she last laid eggs and now she is pregnant again,(weighs more, decrease in eating food,etc,) and its been a little over a month and she still hasn’t laid yet! She has been walking around in her lay bin, and I make sure to cover some of her cage with a sheet and give her total privacy, so I don’t really know why she won’t lay. The last time she became pregnant she laid perfectly but now she is turning really dark, will drink water but won’t eat! I’m hoping that she isn’t eggbound but I don’t know why she would be, she has always had her lay in in her cage, she has a t5 ho light, her bugs are getting gutloaded and getting dusted with a calcium supplement without d3 and 2 times a month a calcium/vitamin supplement with d3, so I have no idea, it didn’t take this long the last time!


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How many eggs did she lay the last time? Was last time her first time to lay?
How many insects were you feeding her in a week since the last laying? What's the basking temperature been?


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yes, the last time was her first time, and she laid 32 eggs, every other day I feed her 3-4 crickets and one superworm(she loves them😆) and her basking spot is 80 degrees.
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