We are proud parents!!!


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Hey My female Jackson's just gave birth to 10 little critters!!! Cigars for everyone!!!
This is the girl who I reported her horn falling off in the health fourm Both mom and babies are doing awesome!!!
Pictures coming soon!

Which subspecies of Jacksons are they? Perhaps Jacksonii Jacksonii since the female had a horn? Did you purchase them recently?
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Man ever try to buy pin head crickets on a Sunday?
Had to drive over 200 miles return trip to get them but the are eating and doing well.
We just purchased them a little over 2 months ago. They came from Ontario thru a supplier out there I am told that they are Jacksonii . They are wild caught/ wild bred Jacksons I will post pictures on my site of the proud mom and our male soon. We also have a breeding pair of vailed chams 1 water dragon 1 horned mountian dragon 1 bearded dragon 1 red eared slider turtle,several leopard geckos 1 alligator gecko and 1 luistic gecko (sorry about the spelling on that one) I will have pictures of all uploaded soon I'm on dial up and it takes forever
Congrats and good luck with your babies! Better order up some more pinheads tomorrow :) Anyways, I'd guess they're merumontanus....my baby jacksonii jacksonii were showing the square shaped lateral marking even at that age.
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