Walter ate a cricket and more skin is coming off!!!!

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by spatulars, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. spatulars

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    I don't think Walter has eaten in at least four days but he just ate a fat cricket!!!! His shed is coming along, slowly. There is progress at least. And I gave the crickets some spirulina fish food last night in case Walter's dysecdysis is due to hypovitaminosis A, because he doesn't have preformed vitamin A in his diet at all. I know this is controversial, but I'm not going to give the crickets any more.

    I'm taking him to the vet tomorrow, and I went back and read that he needs to go in a shoebox or brown bag with a towel in the bottom, but how do I pick him up? I already know that, no matter which way I turn my hand, he's not going to climb on it. Can I just chase him into a shoebox?
  2. DarkRapture

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    this may be confusing but i will try my best! lol

    you could try placing one hand behind him and when he is paying attention to that hand, secretly place your other hand infront of him so he can climb up to get away from your other hand. i sometimes lightly touch/tickle my veileds feet and he is more ready to let go and get onto my hand. be careful not to pull or twist as you can break limbs this way. i wish you the best of luck! other methods might be better but i dont know any :p
  3. Tydis

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    I usually place both hands inside the enclosure, put one finger and thumb in front of him and using my other hand will raise his back end up, usually by moving the branch he is on, until he steps on my hand in front of him.

    Seems to work well.

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