Veiled morph

Who has a hypermelanistic morph
Or a high yellow for sale


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I love the hypermelanistic veileds. Would also like to have one. Our male translucent veiled has a fair amount of black on him. I know at one time there was a guy in Europe or somewhere over that way that had them but I have yet to hear of anyone in North America that has bred them like that.
Yeah I've been looking for the past 3 years, I haven't seen any besides the UK but I'm hoping by now some have made their way over !
I'd surely pay just as much for a hypermelanistic veiled as panther chameleon!
I know two years ago someone got one from FL Chams. It was also translucent and he bought it under the transient morph section of the site. He was awesome.
Wow, that is pretty cool. Here are a couple males I "was" working with. Passed them on to get some panthers.


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There use to be a pretty huge debate about them, a lot of people don't agree with it from past posts I read. But they kinda boomed and then got a lot less popular. All I really see are low tranlucents anymore. I really like them personally.

I guess you could try your luck with FL Chams one day when they have more high translucents in stock.
It looks like FL's emmit is the only one who could be "considered" to produce this morph. However his color range is within the norm. The hypermelanstic is clearly a recessive trait and I guess it's just a waiting game to see of another pops up. The worst part is finding two unrelated chameleons who have this gene to keep this morph thriving.
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