veiled acting weird, can temp change cause this?

My 2yr old male veiled cham started acting very weird (weird as in not his normal routine) Now the temperature in my house did drop unexpectedly (we got an unexpected cold front) I do have a 100w heat lamp on his cage so he still is warm but of course its still an open air cage. He started moving less and his leg has been hanging off the branch lazily. (which hes never done)
He's been hiding in corners not normal to his pattern. He's not seeking the heat of the lamp. He is eating fine. But is also acting moor pissy and angry. We got the heat back up in our house and I put another 50w night bulb on him in case.
I looked through constipation and I'm going to confirm that tomorrow but can a drop (was in the high 70's then to low 60's even 57-59f) cause that much of a change in his behavior? He seems uncomfortable when I pick him up. normally his hisses and calms right down but he is standing his ground and really trying to bite. Any thoughts?
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