1. C

    veiled acting weird, can temp change cause this?

    My 2yr old male veiled cham started acting very weird (weird as in not his normal routine) Now the temperature in my house did drop unexpectedly (we got an unexpected cold front) I do have a 100w heat lamp on his cage so he still is warm but of course its still an open air cage. He started...
  2. mirrinias

    Interesting behavior from my chameleon

    Hi everyone, today I encountered a behavior from my 1 year old male veiled that I've never seen before! I took him outside with me while I took the trash out, and on the way back in, Jean-Luc looked at me head on, puffed out his chin as far as he could, and did a weird little head jiggle at...
  3. SoCaliSon

    Matings that got too Violent.

    Okay so Lombardi's main squeeze Sookie has been showing intense Receptive colors for the last few days. She laid 49 eggs from her mating with Lombardi in January... Here is the thread if you aren't familiar with the culprits.Lombardi's Sex Tape.:D. I decided to let her in his cage again the...
  4. Reach For The Stars..

    Reach For The Stars..

    Beldar, 2 week old Veiled Chameleon, has seen the light and wants it all for himself.
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