1. junglefries

    favorite heat lamps

    I am thinking of switching my basking light fixtures [25w small oven/fridge incandescent bulbs with mini clamp lamps] to the 25w mini halogen fixtures. So far, I have only seen the Zilla fixtures for sale. Was wondering, if there were some other brands, pet supply or other, that anyone was aware...
  2. C

    veiled acting weird, can temp change cause this?

    My 2yr old male veiled cham started acting very weird (weird as in not his normal routine) Now the temperature in my house did drop unexpectedly (we got an unexpected cold front) I do have a 100w heat lamp on his cage so he still is warm but of course its still an open air cage. He started...
  3. SamW

    Optimal Setup?

    What size and type of lights would be optimal for a teenage male veiled cham? He lives in a screened 48"H x 24"W x 24"D. He's been having some skin/shedding issues around his yellow stripes and has also shown some signs of a URI (I'm getting this treated soon, anyone have any estimates on...
  4. Echoezra

    Advice in case a respiratory issue is coming

    Okay guys. I know this is going to sound stupid, asking about temps now after having done so much research and having the chameleons for months, but I just want to double check the exact range I'm looking for - maximums for basking and ambient, day and night time - be specific. what my ideal...
  5. Echoezra

    Heat gun thingy in canada?

    I'm thinking I'd like to get one of those thermometer gun thingies so I can check whatever spot in whatever cage want whenever I want rather than fumbling over multiple thermometers and fussing over their stupid cords and making them stay where I want them, etc etc. So what's a good kind...
  6. Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Our first chameleon ever! He's stunning and full of personality (we're only on day 2!) You guys are awesome! Confusing and complicated for people who have never owned anything requiring basking light, UVB, gut loading, etc.
  7. Heat Sensor Position

    Heat Sensor Position

    Showing placement of heat sensor.
  8. Lay'n in the sun

    Lay'n in the sun

    Vicky is enjoying her heat lamp.
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