1. C

    veiled acting weird, can temp change cause this?

    My 2yr old male veiled cham started acting very weird (weird as in not his normal routine) Now the temperature in my house did drop unexpectedly (we got an unexpected cold front) I do have a 100w heat lamp on his cage so he still is warm but of course its still an open air cage. He started...
  2. Akisas mom

    Grunt sound with breaths, lethargic......thoughts?

    Current Problem - Akisa has been sleeping off and on during the day for the last 2 weeks. Do chameleons have lazy days like people? My Cham is a rare boy, he tolerates daily attention and never puffs up or hisses. Yesterday and today when I went to get him he puffed up at me which in my opinion...
  3. B

    What should i do about temps?

    I have got everything i need for my chameleon i have just set things up and getting temps right before the chameleon comes i have a bit of a dilemma. For the top basking spot i am using a 100w bulb and i was wandering if chameleons climb the mesh on the screen enclosure because i had it a few...
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