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I am new to this and am doing my best to do everything as perfect as possible for my new cham. I also have summer break just around the corner and was curious as to some tricks and experienced knowledge on how to feed them while away (besides a friend). Also, how long can jacksons go without food? Given the lighting is on a timer, and a drip system is in place. I may be gone for (at most) a week at a time, however not often, so i am just thinking ahead. I figure a bowl at the bottom with some worms, and crickets (with the back legs removed) would work and possibly hold him over for a few days? This brings me to my next point. I read you should remove the legs every time when feeding.. does this only apply to younger chams? or for all ages? that is a lot of surgeries a day! I'm pretty sure they eat them in the wild without picking their legs off first. I have been taking them off and was wondering if it was really necessary. My very last question (I promise, thank you for working with me) roughly how long does (should) bruising take to heal?
It's not necessary to remove the back legs. I sometimes do when I'm feeding my free ranged chams, because it slows the crickets down a bit, which means there will be less that escape from the chams and end up wandering around my room. But other than that... it's really unnecessary.

As far as vacations go, you'll need someone to look after them for you. Dripping isn't enough, they need misting as well. Jackson's especially, because they require higher humidity. You could set up a misting system and put in on a timer with your lights. Adults can be fed every other day, but you shouldn't go any longer than that. Throwing tons of bugs in really isn't a good idea. First, I know that some of my chams would just pig out and eat it all right away. Second, too many feeders left in there overnight can crawl all over your cham and even bite him. You'll have to find someone to feed him for you.

Vacations really aren't easy when you've got chameleons. I'm leaving for Florida next week, and it's been tough finding someone who is willing to come over daily and feed live bugs. I'm leaving my panther and pygs at home and someone will be coming by daily, and I'm leaving my Jacksons with a co-worker who's more experienced with chameleon care.

If you have someone stopping by, make sure you leave detailed instructions about feeding and misting (how much/how often/what time).
I agree, I was hopeful. However worst case scenario; I get someone to care for him and they for whatever reason can't/don't go. After some days would my little fella have gone to cham heaven (that would be more than terrible to come home to)? What % humidity are perfect conditions for jacksons? I see you have a jackson yourself. How old, how long, and could you post a picture?! I am curious about his final appearance color schemes and build (granted they wont be the same).... Are their any tricks to a home-made misting system?
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