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hi i got a 38 gal flexi wud a 10% uvb too strong the cham will b a baby? been told to get 10% though cos of the dark mesh?.have nearly got all me stuff now so wont b log befor get cham feels like ages bt at least doing it right.oh and also wht do u keep ur feeders in wud like to know cheers.
Hey Alan,

10.0 bulb is fine, especially for darker/tighter screen meshes. Just make sure your cham can get within 6-12 inches from it to benefit from the uvb and also provide plenty of plant foliage so he can hide from it when he needs to.

If you're cup feeding, use something that isnt "clear" or too deep otherwise, he might shoot his tongue trying to get a cricket "thru" the cup, and if its too deep, he might not notice the feeders and/or contemplate whether its worth trying to eat them. When I was cup feeding, I was using a plastic drinking cup (the disposable kind) that was blue on the outside and white on the inside, placed under the basking spot so he could see them and eat when he felt like it. good luck :)

I have a Reptisun 10.0 for my Panther but all the breaders I have talked with highly suggested not using the 10.00 for babies or juveniles. So I immediatley went out and bought a 5.0. The breeders only recommended it for Chams 10 months or older and then only if the cage was deep. Kammerflage does not recommend them under any circumstances.
i have a pothos and a ficus in the cage plenty of hiding spaces for him.cnt wait to get him just hope everything goes ok wht chams do u have?
Hey Alan,

I apologize, I did not notice you were referring to a baby cham. Koabich is right, in that many breeders are against using 10.0's for babys. I personally, have gotten away successfully with using a 10.0 on a female nosy be from 1 month of age and on with no problems. When observing her, I could see that she would make her rounds under the UVB, then UVA, and then in the plant area to hide. I am speaking on personal experiences. If I were to do it all over again, I would stick with a 5.0, even if the screen is dark, just to be safe....just make sure you can get the baby close enough (about 6inches) to the uvb light so that its actually effective.

I built my cage, and opted to use a 1/2inch pvc coated mesh screen (only for the top) that was recommended by Roo. So in my case, plenty of UVB gets thru without a problem. Im using a 10.0 bulb for my ambanja adult male. The front and sides of the cage are a dark mesh. Keep us posted and good luck.

10.0 is perfect for the dark mesh on the reptariums. Someone on this forum tested a 10.0 with a UVB meter, and the dark mesh really filters out alot of the rays. I am using 2 38 gallons with 10.0 bulbs with no issues.
I have read a couple things similar to what Julirs was referring too. The one test almost at 50% blockage on a reptarium. I used an 8.0 with Osama my male veiled and he is a burly SOB now so I could not really see the problem or at least in my case. I went up to a 10.0 about three months ago with him. I guess I never really thought about to much UVb from a flourescent light. Seems more likely that problems are probably coming from to many supplements, D3 in particular.
Seems more likely that problems are probably coming from to many supplements, D3 in particular.

Not sure I understand your nstatement correctly but exposure to too much UVB would result in a cham "sun-burn" which would be totally different than too many supplements...correct?
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