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I took spike in today to the doctor! It was said to be a cyst/abscess! They numbed him up, yes a needled to his jaw, I had to walk out cause I felt like I was going to faint and go down, thinking he'd scream/cry! They finished I walked back in and was horrified what the pulled out of his jaw, it was a hard mass! I explained what I was doing for Spike on a daily basis and the doctor didn't seem to concerned so what I was doing, didn't cause this! He told me that it could of been a cricket that when he was eating it, stabbed him in the jaw in which caused an infection! I couldn't believe the size of what was taken out, they took it out from the outside which now he has a hole on the outside of his jaw and he looked inside his mouth and found more!!! And took that out with a q tip! He seems to be sleeping a lot, and I noticed on that side his eye is swollen (it wasn't before), I am thinking that's due to the shot and the picking to get the abscess out! I hope he will be okay, just don't like the way he looks, he totally has a hole in his jaw from where they took it out!


They did give antibiotic and told me to give him bee moth/baby crickets cause they are soft and manageable for him to eat easily. On another note, he said he was pretty healthy, a little under weight and told me to feed him beemoth worms, they're high in protein and would pack some weight on!

I don't know what to think about him now, he looks absolutely HORRIBLE! His eye is swollen too!


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I am glad you were able to get him to the vets!

That was a very serious infection for sure. Did the vet culture the pus to give proper anti-biotics? What medicine did they give?

Unfortunately you are not out of the woods yet. Did they give something to put on the wound on top of the anti-biotics?

I went through this same thing a few months ago, but mine was not nearly as bad. The big thing is to make sure he is very well hydrated and is eating. Good luck, hoping he pulls through!
He is on Baytril? It's to be given daily at 0.02 - No he didn't give me anything for the wound, just the antibiotic which I'd think that'd stop any infection? Should I buy some Saline and flush it out daily?

I also bought some new bulbs - for his hood - It say's Reptile tropical UVB 100 Watt both are 5.0 - When I first got him I was told to use one 2.0 on one side and one 5.0 on the other side, this time I just bought 2 5.0. Is that do about or should I go back and get a 2.0 bulb and do as I did before?
I would think a little neosporin on that popped abscess would be a good idea, but I would check with your vet.
I was given a solution called Nolvasan + Sterile water solution. I had to apply it twice liberally every day. I am surprised they didn't give anything as that is a huge gaping hole.

Baytril is common for the infection, although I don't think it's going to clear after only 10 days of it. My guy was on 6 weeks of Baytril, and at best it kept it at bay (didn't get worse or better). I then was given a medicine called Ceftizidime. This was a SubQ injection once a day. We tried 3 weeks and it went down, 3 more weeks (6 total) and the infection was gone.
Awe poor little guy. Hopefully he recovered quickly. I would definitely ask the vet about using neosporin or something topical to speed up his healing.
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