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Hello, so my girlfriends female veiled chameleon had been having strange activity, drinking less, becoming lethargic, reduce in movement and also trying to take naps during the day. Also as you can see her color she seems stress my girlfriend doesn’t pick her up due to her being very aggressive. She’s in a mesh enclosure and gets misted 4-5 times a day . Please help with any information you can give us!


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Definitely stress colors, we need to review everything...

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1. My female veiled chameleon is about 6 months old, I’ve had her for 3 months almost 4 but I’m not sure how old she was when I got her.
2. I do not handle her much at all, when I first got her maybe a few times a week but she slowly became more aggressive and I don’t want to stress her out too much with my handling.
3. I feed her about 10-15 crickets a day usually about half in the morning and half after work. I have been using calcium powder from ZooMed which came with the cage set I got for her. I dust them about once a week sometimes twice. I gut load them with apples.
4. Calcium brand listed above and also schedule. Haven’t been using a vitamin very often but I do have D3 that I have used a few times.
5. I have a hand mist and also a fogger. I leave the fogger on sometimes while I’m at work or on long trips but not very often. I usually spray her up to 5 times and anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Trying to cut it back to only 30 seconds each time but I like to make sure she has water dripping from her leaves to drink. I have seen her drink before but not as much recently which could be from me leaving early for work.
6. Never been tested for parasites, but her poop is usually brown with a white spot in it. A few times I’ve noticed it a little runny after mealworms so I laid off those.
7. I do not know much about my chameleon from previous owners.
8. It is a screen cage, I’m not sure of the dimensions but it is not small. Very spacey for a juvenile.
9. I have both the lights that come with the ZooMed cage set up which contains both lightings she needs. I will usually cut the light on before work about 8, and turn them off around 7:30 or 8, but recently she’s been trying to go to sleep about 6:30 or 7 which could be from it getting dark outside.
10. Temperatures range from about 70°-85° in the basking spot and about 65°-70° on the floor. Lowest I have seen it was at 60° during the nighttime. I have two different thermometers to measure the cage floor and the area closest to the basking spot.
11. Humidity falls a little bellow 40% when I am off at work but I try to keep it above 60% humidity with a mister and my fog machine and I just bought a new humidity gage to keep track of more accurate humidity.
12. No live plants. Just fake ones.
13. The cage is located on a table in the corner of my room away from vents. Not a lot of high traffics except for me and my parents. The top of the cage is about 5 feet from the floor.
14. I am located in North Carolina.

I have noticed my chameleon doesn’t seem to really be eating too much anymore, or doesn’t care for crickets anymore as she has been eating them for quite a while continuously. She is also starting to close her eyes with the lights on close to the same time everyday and I am concerned since I have read that this could a early sign of sickness. I have only seen her drink water a few times since I usually have to leave after spraying but not so sure as of recently. Haven’t been seeing a lot of poop, which is probably from not eating. Doesn’t seem to have swollen joints, sunken eyes, not wobbly or out of balance. Really concerned something is wrong that I can not determine. She’s very aggressive and not much for holding so getting a hold of her to check her is really hard without completely stressing her out.
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