two headed monster jackson chameleon

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  1. You would that show oddities have you seen it
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    I don't understand what your asking?
  3. You would like that show oddities have you seen it

    Hey sorry about that I was fallin asleep when I posted that
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    It happens.
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  5. oh tell me my kids have ran me through the mudd today both are sick
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    I know what you mean a few weeks ago 2 of my kids, my wife, and me had a stomach bug and then about 2 weeks after that all 3 of my kids got pick eye and now my wife has a sinus infection.
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    Yes I've seen it. I would love to go there. I hope to own a fully articulated human skeleton one day.
  8. If it's not one thing it's another
    I like to look I would get somethings but not human
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  9. here is another pic
  10. This is super cool. I love biology and genetic mutations, but I can't help but feel a ping in my heart for the poor little fella. Sadly, it's probably a good thing that he didn't live that long. Maybe he rest in peace
  11. the same chameleon that gave birth to these babies gave birth again to 7 alive babies
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    Thanks for sharing first time seeing a 2 headed cham.
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    siamese twins1.jpg siamese twins2.jpg I had Siamese twin quadricornis that pipped the egg, but couldn't get out. It was sad, but very interesting.
  15. too bad we can't get any two headed chameleons to live very long
  16. kinyonga

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    What kind of life would they have?
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    Unfortunately one or both of them will not have a complete organ system and when one half of the twins starts to fail it takes the other with it. I've heard of two headed snakes that have been kept alive for a while but they had to be careful to only let the head with a complete gastrointestinal tract feed. It would be incredibly difficult to do with a chameleon and as pointed out above probably not humane.
    I do get the wow factor though.
  18. ponders

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    In my second picture, you can see that they are sharing organs.:(
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