two headed monster jackson chameleon

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  1. that is there mother about a month before she gave birth
  2. here is a pic of there brother
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    I was trying to connect my reply to the formaldehyde response but obviously was unsuccessful. Anyway, formaldehyde is a gas and formalin is the preservation fluid made by combining formaldehyde with water and methyl alcohol.
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    Also the baby is adorable. I love chameleon babies, I think they are the cutest things around!!
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    I would've liked that specimen myself too. I collect antique medical supplies, bones, and things in jars. I have a beautiful dry mounted sheep's brain.
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    Nice. I have a bear skull.
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    I have cat, deer, racoon, and goat skulls. Random bones I've found and some human vertebrae
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  10. i have an ancient turtle bone
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    That's so sad poor bb
  12. i wonder if they would try fighting each other when they were older because there were both males
  13. That would kinda be interesting
  14. i wonder if there was a male head and female head they would automatically be breeded
  15. or if there was two female heads would they have twice as many babies
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    With they mutation they had, they may have been sterile. I would not breed a cham like that anyways, even if it did survive
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    I know you are just kidding but twins like these get a very random set of organs. Some have gastrointestinal tracts that don't go all the way thru the odds of being able to breed one (which of course you wouldn't do) are so close to none as to not matter.
  18. i wonder i much i could've sold a live two headed jackson chameleon

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