Translucent Veiled Care??? Is it the same?


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I've been looking though pics of veiled chameleons and stumbled on a translucent veiled. I was just wondering if the care is the same. I've read something about sun Burns so would one be able to go outside and enjoy natural light like my boy? Also is it frowned upon to breed a translucent and regular veiled? The reason I ask is because I know that its frowned upon to cross breed some panthers.

Just asking a few questions since I can't find any info anywhere else. Thank you for looking.
The translucent is a genetic anomaly and heavenly inbred (sorry i meant line bred) to keep the trait. Its not the same as breeding diff panther locals. They shouldnt have any problem with the sun since their built in sun screen is in the clear outer layer of skin (same part that sheds).
In a word, no. Care is the same for trans veiled as it is for normal ones. It's just kinda like a morph like different morphs of leopard geckos but the care remains the same as still same species :)
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