This is to cute


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My Panther Cham now seems to close his eyes when I bring out the mister bottle. He's smart enough to know if may get it his eyes even though I'm no where near him.


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awww, cute! I wish mine would learn that trick. He always freaks and blinks his eyes and does that eye bulgy thing whenever I mist, even though I'm never misting directly at him or anything.


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mine always looks like she's going into convulsions when she gets wet so I set the mister up so it leaves one space that doesn't get wet.


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Despite it raining 3 times a day in my viv for the last 8 weeks, Felix still has a little panic every time the rain starts:D


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LOL, was just saying on another post that Simba has different opinions about it.
Sometimes he'll just sit there and blink and clean his eyes in the mist, while other times he'll leg it into his foliage out of the way.

I've only ever seen him drink once and that was when he got here from Surrey. He must be drinking though...his urates are white and his eyes look healthy and not sunken. He gets sprayed by the Habba mist 4 times a day for 45 secs and hand misted 3 times a day. I'll up the habba mist to a minute when I sort the drainage. At the moment I'm having to use paper towels to catch the drips:confused:

You'd think he'd be used to it by now, having the above watering schedule for over a month!! :D
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