This breaks my heart!


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I wake up extra early before school to play with my Senegal Chameleon, but when I have to go and I put him back he always crawls on the front of the mesh trying to get out again to wherever my hand is, it's so sad and it breaks my heart! Does this happen to anyone else?


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I wish my Veiled and Panthers were like that (would make weighing them easier, lol).. Strangely my Pygmies like to climb on my fingers, it gets to a point were its hard to put them back down since they are so fragile.


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Yeah. I try not to handle mine too much because it can stress them, but whenever I handle my male he absolutely fiiiiights me to not come out of the cage... But once he's out, he refuses to go back in and I have to stuff him onto a branch because suddenly, my once horrifying hand, is better than his enclosure.

It's natural for them to enjoy some freedom, their natural habitat is much larger. Perhaps setting up a free range for him to use when you can keep an eye on him, or another cage outside on nice days will give him an opportunity to explore more often.


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my panther is like that, tho I still try to limit the time I have him out of his envorment (so he has his UVB, water and basking close at hand). when I had him in a cage it was hard getting him back in. I recently set up a free range, he will still want to come to you most the time when you get near but he will go back to it much easier (I think because he feels more free in it)


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You might need a bigger cage. My Veiled was doing that until I moved him into his 2x2x4. And he's a jerk.
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