Thermometers are a herpers best friend!

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Knowing what temperature your cages are is vital to proper husbandry!

We offer a variety of thermometers to help you accurately track temperatures in your enclosures and be sure you are providing your reptiles with the temperatures they need to thrive!

Attach a High Range Thermometer to the side of your cage by your heat pad to check at a glance if it is within an acceptable range! Not as accurate as some other models of thermometers, but these are an excellent way to quickly see the general temperature of the surface they're attached to.

At only $1.99 each, there's no reason not to have one on every cage!

Another option to quickly gauge the ambient temperature in your enclosures is the ZooMed Analog Thermometer! Velcro on the back means you can detach it and move it throughout the cage, or even in multiple cages!

$4.95 each

The best option for a quick readout and accurate temperature reading - digital thermometers! The ZooMed Digital Thermometer is one option for an easy to use, basic thermometer to track temperatures within your enclosure.

These simple thermometers are $6.99 each!

Prefer the Zilla brand? We have those too!

Keep a Fluker's Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer mounted in your reptile room, or in your cages, and track the highs and lows of temperature and humidity! Utilizing one of these to help monitor conditions in your reptile room or cage will help you get a better understanding of your ambient temperatures, allowing you to better set up your heating elements to provide the best care for your pets.

These digital thermometer and hygrometers are only $14.99 each!

Do you have a display cage with ExoTerra hoods on the top? Mount all your instruments along the top with these sleek and classy looking devices!
The ExoTerra Digital Thermometer for $8.99 each, the ExoTerra Hygrometer for $16.99 each, or get both in one unit with the ExoTerra Digital Hygrometer and Thermometer for $19.99 each.

And of course, the most versatile, useful tool in a reptile keeper's inventory... the TEMP GUN!

ZooMed Temp Guns are only $22.99 each! The Zoo Med Infrared Temp Gun measures from -28 degrees to 230 degrees Fahrenheit (-33 to 110 Celsius). It has an easy to read LCD screen and simple controls too. Just point and press to get a reading! Built in min/max function. Battery included!

Check out our full range of animals, feeders, and supplies at!

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