basking spot

  1. johncjb

    100 Watts too hot for Outsie/Panther?

    So I've had my Oustalet's Cham for a little over a week and have been using a 75w basking bulb (which made the tip top of the basking spot about 94F). However, I had been noticing that he spent almost all his time perched on the tip top of the basking spot and never ever left the top 25% of the...
  2. LLLReptile

    Check your basking spots precisely with temp guns!

    Tuesday, June 17, 2014 1:42 PM Temp guns are a reptile keeper's best friend! Get the most inexpensive model for every day use - the ZooMed ReptiTemp temp gun! $22.99 each There's always the tried and true TG1 Temp Gun - $24.99 each! Or go all out - get the temp gun with...
  3. LLLReptile

    Thermometers are a herpers best friend!

    Knowing what temperature your cages are is vital to proper husbandry! We offer a variety of thermometers to help you accurately track temperatures in your enclosures and be sure you are providing your reptiles with the temperatures they need to thrive! Attach a High Range Thermometer to...
  4. LLLReptile

    Manzanita is one of the best wood perches out there for your chams!

    Can't find the wood you need locally? Have it delivered! Manzanita in small to HUGE sizes! small 6 - 16" $9.99 medium 16 - 24" $15.99 large 24 - 40" $24.99 extra large 40 - 60" $36.99 ** Note - large and extra large require additional shipping, we will contact you with final shipping...
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