100 Watts too hot for Outsie/Panther?


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So I've had my Oustalet's Cham for a little over a week and have been using a 75w basking bulb (which made the tip top of the basking spot about 94F). However, I had been noticing that he spent almost all his time perched on the tip top of the basking spot and never ever left the top 25% of the cage.
Thinking he was too cold, I decided to try upgrading to 100w (which made the tip top of the basking spot about 103F). Now he spends most of his time at the mid section of the cage but still goes up to the top occasionally. Should I switch back to 75w, or is 100w better for an Oustalet's?

The cage is 2'x2'x4'
The Cham is about 5 months
He is a male Oustalet's chameleon. (Which have the exact same care as a panthers)

Mike Fisher

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Sounds like he likes the 100W better. They should not spend all of their time under the basking bulb, that is a sign that they are too cold.

Obviously when warmer weather comes around, you'll have to reassess.


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I just replaced it with the 75w again and 15 minutes later he is clinging to the roof directly under the lamp. Switched back to 100w and not going back until summer :D
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