Husbandry Review Before Getting my Cham


I am getting a juvenile panther chameleon from Kammerflage Kreations at the end of this month and have been wroking for the last month on my set up to dial in my husbandry before my cham gets here. It is finally done and would like everyones input on my set up and if there is anything I should change or add or remove before he arrives. Thanks!:)

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - 24x24x48 dyicages screen enclosure. I added window insulation film the 4 sides while leaving the bottom door and roof screen for airflow.

  • Lighting - I have a arcadia 6 percent linear uvb bulb positioned to hit my basking branches in a range of 3 percent uvb and lower. Nowhere at the top of my enclosure is there uv readings of over 7 in case of screen climbing. I have an arcadia hallogen heat bulb in a deep dome fixture. I also have a jungle dawn led bar for my plants. The lights come on at 8 am and turn off at 8 pm

  • Temperature - The temps in my enclosure range from about 85 86 F at the highest and 72 at the lowest during the day. The basking branch reads anywhere from 83-86 F during the day. The top area of my enclosure that is less planted is around 74-75 F during the day. Towards the bottom and in the back behind the large pothos is around 72 F during the day.The lowest overnight temp i have seen is 63 and usualoly ranges form 64-70 F. I measure themn with a infrared laser thermometer and a digital hygrometer/thermoter with readers placed throughout the cage.

  • Humidity - My humidity levels during the day vary from high 30s to mid 50s% during the day. Living in a dry desert daytime humidity has been my biggest struggle to mainain. I am looking to figuyre out when to add short daytime mistings to keep it in the 50s but have heard mixed things about misting during the day. At night I get the humidity to over 70 with a priming misting 1hen the lights go off and one around midnight before my fogger comes on which will run through the night. IO use aidgital hygrometer with readers placed throughout my cage.

  • Plants - I have alarge golden pothos, a marble queen pothos, an umbrella tree, a maidenhair fern, and a tornado dracaena

  • Placement - My cage is located in my room with a fan overhead but the fan is hardly used. I am ususally the only one who is in here so not a high traffic area. The cage is on top of a shelving unit and the top is about 7 feet from the floor of my room. The top of the cage stands about a foot above my head.

  • Location - I am located in El Paso TX

  • Some pictures of my enclosure
  • c1.jpg
Hi welcome, looks like you're off to a great start!

What are you using to get your UVI levels as stated from the UVB?

Try to get more branches to fill out the enclosure more with varying thickness to fill in the empty spaces

If you're struggling with humidity you can also partially close the bottom as seen in this chameleon academy video

You can also add another nozzle if you're using a misting system, I find one nozzle not enough to get enclosure properly misted

Overall I'd say you just need some fine tuning, great start! also, welcome!
Thanks for the welcome! Will be sure to keep branch hunting haha. I do have a most king with a single nozzle on the left and a double nozzle on the right. I will be sure to watch the video you linked.

Also I have a solar meter 6.5r to measure the uvb
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