1. LLLReptile

    Thermometers are a herpers best friend!

    Knowing what temperature your cages are is vital to proper husbandry! We offer a variety of thermometers to help you accurately track temperatures in your enclosures and be sure you are providing your reptiles with the temperatures they need to thrive! Attach a High Range Thermometer to...
  2. B

    What should i do about temps?

    I have got everything i need for my chameleon i have just set things up and getting temps right before the chameleon comes i have a bit of a dilemma. For the top basking spot i am using a 100w bulb and i was wandering if chameleons climb the mesh on the screen enclosure because i had it a few...
  3. J

    What temps are your Pygmy at?

    I have been looking for ages and still cant find a 100% definate answer to the right temp for my pygmy brev cham. Like alot of things on this site there are different oppinions so its hard to judge which is right. some say it has to be 70-75....some say 72 is to low yet some say 72 is just...
  4. gollum

    night heating?

    hey, just wondered what pepole use to heat there cages at night, i know its not needed in warmer areas/seasons, but i live in the UK and it can get pretty cold at night, at the moment the room temp drops to about 64f, so thats fine for a veiled right? anyway, in the winter the room temp can...
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