the "EYES" have it - and cute baby pics of the " pits"

little leaf

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I love how when you open the door- its all eyes on you :D we call Olive's babies " the pits" :p they are getting big, CUTE ! all are still doing very well, 2 are big chunks like Olive :eek:


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I want one of those babies so bad!! But I am still trying to hold out and not take one. I do have babies hatching soon.

Your pits are adorable.


I so want a pit... lol But I still have awhile before I'm ready. I do know one thing.. when I'm ready for another chameleon I will get one from someone on this forum. I can tell that everyone loves and cares for their babies and I am the same way. I have to tell you that these are the cutest babies I have seen and I love reading about the adventures of Olive...:D
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