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People post some really cool artwork of chameleons here and there so I thought I'd start a dedicated thread for everyone and share some of mine!

Had a hectic week last week so this was a little relaxing exercise since I don't have time to make a big sculpture right now. He's only about 2 inches tall.

Made this a long time ago to have someplace to put my rings so I didn't lose them.

Me and the prismacolor pencils didn't get along for parts of this drawing...and since drawing it my Oscar has gotten a ton more red on his face and head.

And of course my avatar is homemade too. My hubby drew it, I colored it. :)

Feel free to post your own creative works too!
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Nice, sadly I have no talent. But I did put a picture on one of my chameleons on a quilt - does that count?:)
Love the profile, very nice work, really creative and your talent is amazing! (hubbys too) :)

Ive never actually thought of including Chameleons when I draw/paint, might give it a go sometime! :)

Laurie and Melric, everyone has some talent, the trick is discovering it! :)
Hey ferret- The prismacolor is great! I do better at black-n-grey. Your prismas look awesome!

Wow! That's an amazing drawing of a jacksons!! I actually prefer black and white myself...but I tend to run out of patience. I tried to do one with all those little scales like you did and didn't make very much progress (takes forever!) before I got distracted and started something else. I have so many unfinished works... The color helped keep me focused, even though my technique was not the greatest.

Keep em coming, I love seeing other people's creativity and skill!
I'm having my sister paint some so I could post on this thread. hehehe. She's really good. I guess my talent would be raising healthy animals of all kinds. :)
Not sure if this counts but I just redid Chad's banner for Tiki Tiki Reptiles. You can see it on the sponsor page HERE
I've been trying to come up with a cham designer in Photoshop but it's still a ways off :)
I made this tonight for Laurie but she doesn't know it yet lol.
Quilting is one of her hobbies so I had to incorporate it into the image.

I was looking for this thread last night. I never thought to look under Cham Husbandry, lol. Well here is a pic i did of a pygmy cham last night. I'm having tons of fun learning how to use my Bamboo Pen, but still have plenty to learn.

Great work guys! I'll share something I did a while back using my ipad and an app that draws with words. As you can tell I am a Nosy Faly fan.


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