1. Wiiieee


    Only artists can relate to getting weird ideas about what to draw. I just got that brilliant idea to draw my cham Incubus in a spacesuit? Why? Cause I'm a huge nerd and I like space
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    The Chameleon Art Thread

    People post some really cool artwork of chameleons here and there so I thought I'd start a dedicated thread for everyone and share some of mine! Had a hectic week last week so this was a little relaxing exercise since I don't have time to make a big sculpture right now. He's only about 2...
  3. gollum

    veiled painting finished.

    im back, this time its finished. taken its time because i've been working on commissions(nearly done!), so i've been doing it in every bit of spare time i had. my veiled gollum, 12"x18" acrylic on canvas, hope you like.:)
  4. kenya

    I'm no OrchidArtist, but....

    ....I did a painting for the first time in over a year tonight. You will have to excuse finger tips and poor photo quality. I used metallic water colors and sharpie on black card stock. It is very, very shimmery in person and electric in color. I took four photos, each with different...
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