thank you for the comments on my loss


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I just wanted to say thanks for the few comments on my loss. And I know people are asking me for the mistking set up only. I'm sorry but I don't wanna sell random stuff I just wanna get rid of it all in bulk so I'm not sitting here looking at a cage that used to have my little guy sotting in it looking at me and blinking at me. I wanna sell all of it in one go I'm asking 250 for everything. Please private message me and ill give my number out. I'm in the chicago labd area.
Hey, just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear the sad news. I wish there was something I could say to take the pain away, but instead, just know you're in my thoughts at this difficult time. RIP little one. :(
I wanted to also send condolences for your loss... Losing a cham is so heartbreaking, but you can try to comfort yourself with the fact that you did everything you could do for him.

I lost a basset hound named Cletus about 8 years ago and I can still barely say the name out loud without getting a lump in my throat.

RIP Cletus
I am very sorry for your loss of Cletus. Believe me when I say I know the pain you are going through. You have my deepest condolences.
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