Sweet Justice!!!


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:D My claim was just decided in MY favor against RaysReptilia! Sweet Justice! It's nice to know Paypal has my back! Maybe Ray will think twice before stealing from any more customers. Tara
Tara - that is GREAT NEWS!

Good for you in pursuing it, too. So you got a full refund? I can't believe that they were trying to pull of what they were.

Thanks everybody!! I'm very happy!
Lele..Right after I hit the "submit" button to file the claim, R** sent $100.75 back of my $155.00 payment. The claim was accidently miss-filed by paypal the first time, so I had to go through the whole process all over again. Paypal just refunded the remaining $54.25 today. R** tried to fool them by saying he had already refunded my money. So exactly one month after I sent payment to R**, I got the rest of my money back. The first miss-filed claim took 2 weeks and the second one took about the same.
I have to say, this was the last resort with me. I would never want to go this route with any seller who was attempting to resolve the problem with me.
R** stopped responding to emails, so I had no choice. Even after I initiated the claim I sent several emails stating that I would be willing to go ahead resolve the claim by purchasing one of the chams (minus what I had already paid) but he wouldn't respond. If this even helps one future customer of R***, I will be happy!
Thanks again everybody! I look forward to doing business with a trustworthy breeder! Tara
Good for you!! and on the same note I have done so much business on ebay and buying on the internet, I would only buy now using paypal or a credit card. think of what would of happened if you sent a money order!!

Paypal claims

I just filed a claim thru paypal on something that I bought on ebay, it was 42$ and they sent me something that I did not order nor wanted so I filed the claim, the seller offered me a 10$ refund thru the claim process, but i denied it because i am in the right as well. I was just wondering, did paypal take any of the money as a processing fee or did you get complete full refund?
Complete refund of remaining amount..Paypal didn't charge me a penny...

but I'm sure that R** was charged some type of fee. I think it's called a chargeback fee. I do not know if it applies to claim chargebacks...but it is standard if say, you cancelled a credit card payment to someone. Through paypal they would be charged a chargeback fee.
Plus..this is something new I learned from reading the help section. First, in order to be able to accept payments funded by credit cards through paypal, you have to have a business account. Paypal charges you a small fee on each payment that you recieve when you have business account. So I'm assuming this is where the chargeback fee comes in.
Your claim would be different from mine. Mine was a "non-receipt" claim, because I did not recieve any merchandise from the seller. The seller has to prove ( for example with a tracking number) that they did indeed send the item(s).
Since the seller sent you an item, but it was not what you ordered, your claim would be a "significantly not-as-described" claim. I think it is a little different- in how they will resolve the claim. So check out the help section in the "resolution center" of your paypal account.
Also, for future buying purposes...check out the insurance they offer. Certain items (like say things that are alive) I think are excluded. I think it offers to buy the item from you or replace it or something.
Everything I have learned is from the help sections. Tara
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Paypal Business Accounts

Regardless if a claim is filed or not, every time you make a transaction through Paypal on a business account, they take a percentage of the actual transaction. For instance, on a $300.00 sale I made, paypal took $9.00 of that transaction from me, so I actually made $291.00 on the sale.

I also had a case where I purchased something and the seller and myself decided to not go through with the purchase. He refunded me the money through paypal. I received my entire amount paid and he also didn't have to pay the original percentage fee (this charge from paypal to him was returned to his account).

Paypal has nice protections, obviously from what experience Tara went through, but I also think paypal charges quite a bit to merchants when transactions are conducted for their business.

What I don't like about paypal as a business owner, is that it takes 4 days to make any transfers to your bank account from them. So when I make a sale through paypal, I actually don't receive my money in my business bank account for about 4-5 business days which really can be an inconvenience. It's like my money is hanging and traveling by hot air balloon to actually have the money in my banking business account :(.
Hey Jenna, you might want to apply for this...

They have a card you can apply for if you have a business verified account. With the PayPal ATM/Debit Card, you can access your PayPal funds instantly at any ATM worldwide or spend your funds anywhere you see the mastercard logo.
I assume that as soon as the funds are credited to your paypal account, you could withdrawl them from an ATM and deposit them in your account yourself..or just use the card as a debit card to pay for what you need to purchase.
That is annoying about the fee. I think it's a set percentage of what you recieve depending on the amount of the payment plus 30 cents or something. You could always try adding in the fee to the purchase price.

This is what annoys me. I have 2 accounts set up. I had a whole fiasco with changing banks and I ended up keeping both Paypal accounts. One is in my name and one is in my husband's name. I had already "verified" his account and then I went to "verify" mine. It won't let me add my bank to my account and be "verified" now, because that bank account is already linked to my husband's account. Crazy! and a pain since we share the same bank account. So on my account, I just have my atm/debit card attached.
I guess it works for me right now though.
Ahhh, I almost forgot. I really messed up once (when I was dealing with updating everything on my paypal accounts)
I was purchasing some scrapbooking stuff from a friend. I went into one of my accounts and sent payment...only to realize that I had forgotten to change the back account on it. So when I realized this and knew that the payment wouldn't go through..I went to my other account and sent the payment with that one. Only to find that the when the payment method failed on the first attempt, it had automatically taken it from the next method of payment listed on the account. AHHH! So I had duplicate charges being withdrawn from my bank account. Luckily it was a friend I was purchasing from and I emailed her and she just sent on of the payments back right away. I learned a lot through that little mishap! Tara
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