Superworm’s very active & cricket question


Hi all! Thanks in advance for your help!

I can’t tell how long I’ve had these guys. It feels like a while. They get fresh fruits and veggies everyday plus Cricket Crack and Mazuri Better Bug Gutload. I keep them in Old Fashioned Oats. The top is off to help keep the oats dry. The oats get changed when they start to feel damp. The container is 11”x7”x7” and there are about 30 of them in there. It tapers down towards the bottom.

Over the past month they are doing laps around the container. They raise up like they want to get out. Any idea why or what could be going on?

I forgot the cricket question, lol.
I’ve noticed my crickets (banded) mating. I’m not interested in breeding them right now so what happens to the momma’s and babies if they are not laid/birthed or whatever happens when a momma gets pregnant?
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