Sunken Eyes


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I wanted to get an opinion to see if one would think these count as sunken eyes
I give him water all the time but NEVER see him drink.


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Ok it's there now. No, that is not sunken eye's. Veiled especially tend to retract their eyes a little when approached by a camera.
Some chameleons are shy about drinking. You have to observe the white portion of their poop to evaluate their hydration.


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I got worried to when I saw my chameleon pull his eyes in a bit, then back to normal minutes later. Trust me though if his eyes are sunken you will definitely know. its unmistakable to miss. and I have the same issue. I have never seen my chameleon drink once! he must be a shy drinker, but urates are white so he definitely does. But darn I wanna witness him drink just once to see in person how its done. and where his drinking leaves are so I can spray that spot more often
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