Some neat little LEDs. (DIY leds not Factory Produced)


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This is quite the info overload. Grateful you are sharing, and illustrating your knowledge. How close are we to LEDs that may produce the UVB we require as keepers? I’d love to create 100% LED lighting systems.


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If you start to experiment, please keep me posted.

Will do, I will likely move on to that project later this summer. Its going to be pricey, and needing a Solarmeter 6.5 as well as a 6.2 to do it right, is quite a pretty penny when added to the price of the leds ect.

I been meaning to get a 6.5 anyway, need a new one. Will likely get one before adding the UVA leds, now that Joshs has them on sale and I have a Coupon cant beat 160 for a SM6.5 lol.


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I have been looking into UVB leds too, and what do you think about the lower spectrum? Do you think it's unnecessary to provide the 270-310 range? Although technically that's UVC leds, right?
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