Silk worm cocoons!!?


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A lot can happen in 2 days. To my surprise there are a few cocoons in each of my 2 main bins and my breeder colony appears to be starting and have lines down their dorsum! How long do I need to wait before I collect the cocoons and move them into a clean bin for hatching and breeding? Also, what is the best way to move the cocoons? Thanks again for everyone's help! So happy I finally have cocoons and can stop feeding these very hungry caterpillars :)
Hey! I'm not entirely sure what kind of pillars you are breeding, but I do love me some caterpillars and cocoons!! If you are worried the cocoons will be damaged staying inside the bin they are in currently, you should be able to slowly move them to another right away. Just make sure to go slow, and do not rotate the cocoon or change its position. I think if you do this right away before the body starts melting into butterfly gunk it is safe, after a couple days or so I wouldn't move them until they are close to opening because once the Caterpillar turns to magic goop everything is in a fragile state, and you dont want its eyes ending up on its knees!! Jk. But foreal, inthink if you move them slowly and carefully and keep In same position you found them, you can move them to a new bin. Then just be sure not to mess with them until they erupt naturally. I've "bred" caterpillars for fun before (not relating to chameleon)


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I waited a week or two to move them, just to be safe... but maybe I waited too long and their eyes will be on their knees as @PeaceOfZen states! :p I cut them out really carefully with a butter knife. The cocoon was actually a bit rigid, so really it was like just breaking the fibers holding it in place like you would if you cleared out a spider web.
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