Signs of not eating or drinking enough


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I was just wondering if there were signs I could watch for so I know weather Rufus is eating and drinking enough. Compared to some of the pictures here Im starting to think he is looking a little skinny, but I dont know if this is because he is young.
This is the jackson's, isn't it?

If he's eating enough, his tail should be round and not showing the bones or ridges along it. He should be showing fat stores along the spine...and have a "pleasingly plump" look to him.

Good tails...

If he's drinking enough, the pads on the top of the head should be protruding and not be sunken in. If you pinch the skin on his side the "wrinkles" created by doing so, should go away right away.

Good head pads...

Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures of bad tails or sunken headpads.
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