Shifellera is it safe?


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I've read that it is poisoness if eaten by my V chams is this true? Also any other VERY EASY to grow plants for the bottom of my enclosure to soak up water from my mister?
Schefellera are on a list I've seen that lists them as a poisonous houseplant, however, they are on several chameleon safe plant lists I've seen as well. My Schefelleras in my Veiled cages all have perfect little v-shaped bite marks on the leaves. I never see them actually eating them, but it is obvious that they are munching them from time to time. I've yet to observe any odd behavious or concerns associated with them eating them so it's hard to say. Based on my own observations, I would think they are O.K.
There are several different species of schefellera. Schefellera arboricola is non toxic, safe for them to eat and very common amongst Cham keepers. Pretty much all other species of scheffelera are toxic and should not be used at all. So check the species first.
I have used schefelleras in the past and prob will again but they are not great for 'soaking up misting water' as they are quite easy to over water (I'm talking from experience lol) If you decide on it make sure you use very good draining soil/sand mix. I would recommend a pothos, it can be hung from the top or placed on the bottom and its 'branches' tied up and they are really easy to grow. I've heard that ficus are good but have never used one. I currently have a hibiscus and like it because of the flowers but they are def not one of the easier plants to keep alive.
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