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I have a question about shedding. I noticed with Corey and also with Hermie that when they begin shedding ... usually including the day before and day after ... they both had almost entirely stopped eating. I realize that corey was not very healthy, so I don't like "judging" hermie's behavior on hers, because I don't know how much of her behavior was healthy, so I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this behavior (not eating around shedding time).
what a coincidence

my male panther shedded his skin today and hasnt been eating much either. I have also noticed this behavior with our bearded dragon. I assume there is a correlation unless someone wiser than I disagrees.... anyone else?
Hi all

Yes this normal, most chams(and other species of reptiles) go off there food around shedding time. Also dont forget it's now winter and most if not all chams slow there feeding down during this period

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OH!! This is soo good to know! (that they slow down in eating during the winter). Hermie has slowed down in his eating (but is still eating some) and I was getting really worried, and going to take him to the vet today. I think that I still might just to get a weight on him that we can use as a comparison down the road and get someone else to look at him, but this makes me less worried. Thanks!!
My cham just started shedding this morning, and just accord with everyone else's info, yes my cham did slow down in his eating about 2 or 3 days before he started to shed. Good luck Jam.
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