Shedding time span


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Fractal has alway shed very quickly, no problem. This time has been long and laborous. I attribute it mostly to the cage change, over humidity and the lack of eating the garganutuan amounts he has in the past. He is now over 4 months old. Shedding has been going on for 3 days. Could you, shed lol some light on this subject please?
It's the 5th day and Fractal is STILL struggling with the same shed. Seriously, can anyone shed any light on if I should be worried or not? What can I do to help him if need be?
Are the areas you are talking about just lose and hanging there or are they not releasing from his new skin?
where are the problem locations? my jacksons will shed their body quickly but around the head and horns it tends to take longer, a few days at least
The hand and arms came off yesterday... but his face, cone and body seem like it's clinging to his new skin.
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