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I want to ask how to know male get in heat. I know someone say male always be in heat. but, my male (veiled and panther) didn't take any reaction when the male look at the female in oestrum. sometimes, the male did reaction to female very slowly/. the male is one year old.


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Males should always be ready to mate. I have had the odd veiled and panther male that won't mate with any female though. I don't know why it happens but it does. (I'm talking about males that are shown receptive females.)
One lesson you will learn while breeding chams: patience. You wait for males and females to show interest, wait for the eggs to be laid, wait FOREVER for babies to hatch, then wait for them to grow up.......

When initially trying to pair up different panthers have patience, show the female to the male and see if there is any reaction by either. After a few of these brief "viewing" periods, if the female isn't gaping and rocking and assuming your female is old enough, then introduce them. Leave them for a little while and observe, stay close enough to interfere if you sense any aggression. If they don't mate one day, wait a few days and try again. They will let you know when the time is right!
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