Set up complete and poop-what do you think?


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I took back the ExoTerro terrarium, that Petsmart sold me to house my juvenile veiled in, and got my ReptiBreeze set up! Yay, I think he will be much happier in his new home. Of course I ordered it when I thought he was a she, so I will have to eventually get a larger one, it is 18x18x36
I have an umbrella plant and a pothos in there, the reptisun 18" 5.0 on top and a 100w basking bulb. I used a medium fake vine and some grapevine, but he seems to prefer to walk on the screen...?
Any improvements I should make?

Also, I am going to add the Aquazamp rain hood to the top when it arrives. For now I am misting several times a day with warm water. I have never ever seen him drink (I have had him a week) and he doesn't like the misting at all.
Here is his poo/urate from today. What do you think?




I don't see a pic...also I noticed you are using a 100 watt bulb. I think that's too much especially for a juvenile, and some of the other members may agree. The basking area should be about 85 for most chams. If it's too hot, you risk him burning himself. My panther hates misting time too. He runs to take cover, but he LOVES the shower. I don't understand. lol. Good luck with your cham :)
Sorry, they should be up now!
I will try picking up a 60w bulb and see if that keeps the basking spot warm enough...It is reading 85 now with the 100w sitting up there. Just a standard house bulb, or can I use one of the coiled "green" ones?
The 100 watt is fine if its the right temp at the basking spot but if your Cham climbs the screen under the light he would be burnt more
If you use a 60watt just move the basking sticks higher
Okay, thanks for your opinions! I got a 60w white bulb and will try that to see whether it works as well! If so, I can give the 100w as a backup for my beardie. ;)

Thanks for the poopliment, I just want to make sure he is hydrated enough as I never see him drink. I know the drips hang around on the live plants for a while, so he may just be doing it when I'm not watching.

Does the amount of plant cover I have look okay? I wonder if I need some more vertical sticks...he doesn't seem to really use what's there.
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