Runny Stool (urates)


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I have not been offering much variety over the past couple weeks. My 5-6 month old panther has only received silkworms during this time. Today I noticed the white part of his stool was runny. The color was still white. The brown part was still solid and looked normal. Any ideas?
It's hard for me to say what is normal and what is not because I really have nothing to compare to. With herbie some times there is liquid with his stool but I wouldn't say the stool it's self is runny. I just thought it was his body helping him pass everything.
So is that it or is the stool actually more broken down for you? I know with people it can mean not getting enough water. also, maybe one of your feeder wasn't feeling that great. I would say that every thing is okay unless it continues.
The brown part of his stool looked normal and healthy. The white part was watery. I did some searching and found that other people have experienced the same thing when using silkworms. They attribute it to the high moisture and soft body of the silkworm. I am not fully convinced though. Going to watch Ezhno closely and offer a little more feeder variety like I had been before.
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