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Before I got Cosmic, I watched a million chameleon videos on Youtube. I always hoped that my chameleon would do what I see lots of others do. When you get close to the cage, whether its feeding or whatever, the chameleon comes running to the front and wants to climb on its owners hand. So I came up with a "taming" plan.

I purchased a nice large tree, and placed it directly in front of his cage with the door open. Within a few minutes he was in the tree. I did that for a week. Step two was putting the tree in the middle of the room. When I open the cage, he runs to the front, but now he has to take the hand bridge to the tree. Skip ahead a few weeks, and now, when I open the cage, he wants out. He's been climbing on top of my feeding cup. He's been climbing to the front of the cage and standing on the door sill. So, now, it's taking longer to feed him and everything because he wants to come out to "play". I think I conditoned him too well. He's basically free ranging for 6-8 hours a day in one tree. He's even ok with siting on my shoulder if I'm not walking around. I don't think he likes being on my shoulder when I'm walking.

OK. Here's the issue. The tree is in the middle of the room. The humidity and ambient temp at the tree is room temp and humidity. Probably 72F and 30-40%. Also, the UVB light isn't over the tree. So, he's choosing to spend time in the tree, but I don't think the conditions are quite right. I am planning on expanding his cage and putting the tree in side, but still have some time left before I'm ready.

Does anyone else do this? Pretty soon, I'll be able to put his tree outside and I'll be less worried about the consitions and UVB. Wondering if I should cut back onthe conditioning. Maybe I'm spoiling him with the tree.


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Well that is excellent that he is trusting you... I would not allow him to be out for that long if you do not have lighting set up above the tree or a drip system. The problem is that he does not have high enough heat for digestion and you are risking him developing MBD issues since he is going 6-8 hours with no exposure. 30-40% humidity is not bad for a daytime level. Night time is were you want to increase it.
I would cut it back until you get everything set up the way you want to.
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