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I am researching panther's and I keep finding a guy named Olaf discovered the ambilobe and coined the phrase "Picasso panther", I am interested in reading more about this guy but I cant find his last name or any links.Does anybody have any more info?I also found a place in Fla. called sea side reptiles and he has pics in his gallery that he is calling a rainbow panther is there such an animal or is this his version of a picasso?
What I know/think/understand:

The term "Picasso Chameleon" is pretty much just a trademark by Olaf Pronk for the Chameleons he imported/sold. They were said to come from near Ambilobe- though they almost always had a "red barred" appearance and could now be the chameleons called RB Ambilobes.

He lives/lived in Madagascar documenting the wildlife and land, specifically chameleons and Geckos. He co founded the website. He works/worked for "Centre Soafiavy", one of three of the larger export/conservation/reserves companies in Madagascar that works in hand with CITES. The site used to be, but its been down for... ever.

This may or may not be an up to date contact info:

B.P. 8289
Tel.: (+261 20 22) 443 03
Fax: (+261 20 22) 447 86
E-mail: [email protected]
or [email protected]
or [email protected]

As for the term "Rainbow" its a horrible mestaken word. It can mean, a mixed locale, as well as has commonly been used to refer to Ambanja/Ankify locales (particularly rainbow coloured) as well as used to signify both the Diego Suarez local and the Maroansetra locale.

Just don't use the word "rainbow" when describing any locale.
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