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Hi All,

I think some of you may have seen that I do volunteering for the Maryland Rescue and Adoption of abandoned and abused reptiles every Sunday, as well as some other various things I try to do for them on my own time. Well, last Sunday I took my camera and took some photos of some of the reptiles they have there... Thought I'd share some shots I got while I was there. Hide your Chameleons before you look!!!!! They might become an appetizer!!! :D






BIG IGUANA! I decided to stay on the closed side of the door :p


Same dude! Doesn't look like he's smiling??? lol


Another Iguana... Doesn't he look majestic? Gotta admit he looks wise:


Those are just a few photos I took, but I thought I'd share and show you some of what they get, and also just bring a little taste of something new lol. Hope you hid the photos from your chameleons! Some things are scary..... :eek:
WOW Jenna! Those pictures are great! I wish we had something like that up here, or if I had a lot more room in my house (LOL). I think it is wonderful that you are helping. How do you keep from taking them home with you at the end of the day?? :D The iguanas look enormous but kinda cute too.
Very nice!

I'm very impressed, you have superb photo skills-unlike me! (I would be afraid to get too close to those iguana's too...:p ) Does that particular reptile rescue have a website? If they do, you should post those pics under those exact animals, I would think more people would be interested, and you would earn more revenew!
Thank you for the nice compliments on the photos. I have already sent these photos to the woman who runs the rescue and adoption. And yes, they have a site if you are interested... . They also run the Mid-Atlantic Reptile Show every September.

As far as why don't I take these home? I'd love to give them proper homes, but I don't think my chameleons would feel too comfortable with these huge beasts around the house *hehe*. They are pretty cool looking though. Most of these are classic cases of people going to a show or walking into a pet shop and seeing something small and cute, buying them, and then not realizing just how BIG they get! Then, they have no clue what to do with them :( .
great work - and photos!

It is always so sad to see so many iguanas for adoption. They need to come with a warning label saying "I just might end up growing to 6' - are you OK with that?":eek:

I am going to our local herp show tomorrow and the local iguana rescue is always there. It's nice you have a place close by that you can give some of your time and caring to :)
It is sad that people aren't given the proper education when purchasing a reptile such as that, or that people buy on impulse without researching them prior to buying as well.... There are so many that end up like those in the photos! Or worse, just let loose somewhere to wander around on their own after being in captivity since a baby. Sigh... Those things get huge!!! :rolleyes:
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