reptaid with gravid female


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hi everyone i have a gravid female that has a small eye infection and i have just bought some reptaid to treat the infection would i still be alright to treat the infection with reptaid.

i have spoke to my reptile vet and has has said that it may of been caused by an overdose a Vit A i have spotted using it untill the infection and swelling goes down.

Thanks Alex
If there is infection and swelling it is not a Vit A issue-it is an infection that needs to be treated. Get some Terramycin, or get some antibiotic drops from the Vet-do not let eye infections go.
Is this the same chameleon that you said had a cold and had swellings on the nose area and fell and hurt its lip?
yes she did fall about 5 months ago but that was due to the fact that she was climbing on the screen roof and lost her footing she is perfectly fine now. but also she has a swollen eye at the moment i posted that about 1-2 week's ago i have spoke to my vet had he says to stop vit A which i have and give her regular shower and leave it for a couple of week's.

the swelling has gone down a little over the past week :)

Is it okay to use human eye infection treatments products on reptile as that one you recommended was for humans.

Thanks Alex
she has never had a lump lump or been infected on the nose but thank you for knowing that the past couple of comments are from the same person as in me.

i will look at lll reptiles and she what they have my potentially buy in soon.

Thanks Alex
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