Rehoming 2 yo Male Jackson's

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It pains me to do this, but I'm moving across the state again into a much tinier apartment and simply don't have enough space for all my chameleons. And next summer I graduate and might spend a year abroad, so it looks like I might have to reluctantly relocate all of them eventually. :(

- I am looking to rehome my 2+ year old male Jackson's (xanth), Othello. He's been an excellent chameleon, he's super sweet and docile. Fandfeeds super well and eats absolutely anything.
- I speculate that he was WC, but has been in my care for over a year. Fecals clean.
- Missing one toenail, but I acquired him this way.

He has been free ranging for about 6 months now and I would love it if he could go to another free ranging home but I know this may not be possible. I really want his new home to be familiar with chameleons already, and not have him go through newbie adjustment mistakes all over again like he did with me! I don't want to sell him, but with Charlotte's vet bills I'm asking $50 for him. I will ship out of state but a local pick-up would be ideal (I live in Sarasota now, but will be moving to Melbourne in a month so pick-up can be in a month if you live on the other side of FL).






Feel free to contact me for more info.
I'm happy to report that Othello has found a new, great home!

Thank you for the interest in him, but he is no longer for sale.
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