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I’m looking for honest opinions on red runners: their ease of maintenance, nutritional value, and most of all, their ability to climb, and infest.

My situation is that they’d be kept in a greenhouse more than 100’ from my house. I live in Canada, so winter will obviously be a serious barrier to them. But my worry is that in the summer months, if I have an escapee or two, should I be worried about being the epicentre of a Canadian roach epidemic?


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Hi! I’m a novice and personally they were very easy to breed and maintain. I live in Florida so I didn’t use a heating pad I just left them outside. My Cham loves them. They are nice and soft and don’t require much chewing lol. They gut load well.
I don’t know their nutritional value compared to other roaches but I can imagine they are similar. The adults don’t get as big as some of the other roach species.

I currently have them in a gasket bin and have not seen any try to climb the sides. I also have a smaller travel bin and have not had any climb the sides either. With that being said I have had them crawl out of every feeder run I have lol. The smaller ones not as much but larger ones will. They can’t climb smooth surfaces but I do think that the calcium powder gives them some traction if they are dusted heavily.

I will keep you updated on the possibility of infestation. I have had numerous escape but I also have many lizards and frogs that would prob pick them off.

Edit: they are very active at night.
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