Rapashy calcium plus

i am being told I can do away with all my multivitamin powders, calcium, calcium with d3, etc. and ONLY use rapashy calcium plus each day for feeding. Is this true or false? I currently am using the following.
Calcium regularly for feeds
Calcium with d3 once every 2 weeks
Multivitamin once every two weeks


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I switched from this to Sticky Tongue Farms Miner-all because there were safer levels of either Vit. A or D3 in it (can’t remember which) for the everyday feedings. I used to do Repashy Calcium Plus every feeding and Repashy Calcium Plus LoD twice monthly, but have since learned the Calcium Plus does had D3 in it, which also helped me decide to switch over to Miner-all. This is just my personal opinion, of course, people have had success with Repashy and Miner-all, so you do you
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