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I am considering getting a rain fall system or a humidifier system in my Reptibreeze XL viv for my vield Chameleon but i am stuck on what one to buy, i have heard the Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 rainsystem is really good but i have also heard a safety first 360 humidifier is also good.

Could somebody please advise me in what a good one is and if they are running one with there vield chameleon it would be much appreciated.

Allan and Sophie


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Mistking system, Can i ask where you got that from and what make is it?

I have a full mesh vivarium will it be okay in there?

Thank you for your reply


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Aquazamp or mistking. I've heard nothing good from other systems out there. They're either too noisy, spit water instead of a fine mist, don't shut off and flood your floor, etc.


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We just set up the Aquazamp Low Profile Raindome for our panther chameleon. It simulates a natural rainfall with some mist as well. Our guy seems to really enjoy it. I've seen him lapping up the drops that collect on the screen below it. If you're concerned about water staying within the screen cage, we've had very little problem with that although I recommend placing it as close to the center on the top of your cage as possible. We went with this ultimately because I read bad reviews of the monsoon system. Also Aquazamp customer service is great!


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I just got the aquazamp system. It's made in America, the pump is superior to the mist king pump (in my opinion) and it can run multiple systems. The low profile rain dome looks and works well for my setup. They were quick to respond to my questions and shipping was fast.

...and this is my first post as I am new to the forum.
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