R.I.P Charlie


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Well her time has come, she passed away last night around 6pm, its sad to see her go but coming up to 9 years old, shes gave us many happy years more then we planned :eek:




R.I.P Charlie <3


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So sorry that you lost Charlie. To live to be 9 years old, you must have given her an incredible life! RIP Charlie, you were a beautiful cham...:(


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Andy, I am so very sorry to hear about Charlie. She was a truly beautiful female and lived a very long life with you.


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Aaaw bless her little soul. I am sorry you lost her, she must have lived a wonderful life to have hung around for 9 years. Sleep tight pretty girl. :(


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Thanks for the comments guys, she will be sadly missed, but life goes on with Bob, owning him a year today :D so glad i bought him now

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So sorry Andy. :( Charlie had such a long, happy life with you. You should be so proud to have a female live for 9 years, that is a real achievement! She was an amazing girly-cham. Congrats on Bob's first anniversary too - you should post some pics to celebrate!


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Wow I am so sorry to hear you lost Charlie. What a lovely time you had together. Always remember those days.
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