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Hello! I have a baby veiled chameleon and he spends most of his time at the top but away from my basking light (60w house bulb) I was wondering if maybe the light is too much for him or if i should just move the lamp to his new favorite spot and if this is something I should be concerned about. he is eating and drinking normally and all that good stuff, so I didn't think anything of it, but I just wanted to ease my mind and ask anyway. Thanks!
When we first got our panther, he almost never went up to bask and it really worried me. We kept asking the guy we got him from and he just kept assuring me that our Cham knows where the heat is and if he wants, he will go up there. After lots of worrying and freaking out he finally settled into his new cage and sure enough started basking on his own. The 60watt shouldn't be too much for your little guy, but it might be. I would just keep an eye on him. As long as he's eating and drinking, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Every Cham is different, so it's hard to give you the "correct" answer :)
Thanks!! I feel a little better. He has used the basking spot before, so I'm thinking that maybe he just wanted to just hang out of it since yesterday was my little guys first time outside in real sunlight (gotta love the spastic Arkansas weather). But I will say being outside did him some good! He was glowing! So happy he didn't want to go back inside when it got dark!
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