pygmy chams


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i've been researching those little fellas but so far i can not find anything that i haven't read already and i only just scratched the surface.
any ideas where i can find anything more in depth like habitat and climate info
species guide
i don't think there are many good caresheets but any useful once would be apreciated
i have read everything on chameleon news and most of the other sites
OK, Kinyonga, you beat me to 'puter's acting wierd...but here's the companion article to that one...

When I was researching these guys, the main problem finding info was that they go by so many names: bearded pygmy cham, pygmy leaf cham, stump-tailed cham, etc. But there are several folks who know lots about them on here, so if you have specific questions, just ask! There is also one book about them out there.
tanx guys but i have those already
i think the only way forward for me is to actually get some as i seem to have exausted all online resources
Hey Baloo,

If you really want to study them indepth before (or after) you purchase, there is a book available by Petr Necas and Wolfgang Schmidt called "Stump Tailed Chameleons".

It is supposed to be excellent.. I had a hard time parting with the $ because I am cheap, but finally purchased it today along with the companion book, "Chameleons - Nature's Hidden Jewels".

Sorry that I beat you to posting the link, jleahl. Didn't matter anyway since baloo has already seen it! LOL!
I know that if you want the best info, I would go and ask "roo" here on the forums. Just PM him, and maybe talk to him on the phone, or email. Obviously ask him first, but he knows his stuff about R. brevs!
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